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Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Equilibria

Having taught analytical topics from freshman through graduate level, I've tried to construct a sophomore-level text that is focused and integrated. The text covers the major points of analytical chemistry and takes general chemistry topics on equilibria to the next level of complexity. My goals are to:

  • convey fundamental terms and concepts in analysis and data handling
  • demonstrate the importance of chemical equilibrium in aqueous systems
  • introduce students to the most common methods and instruments for quantitative chemical analysis
  • develop problem-solving skills beyond algorithms

The table of contents is below. Visit the text support page for more information.

  • Part I: Quantitative analysis using reactions that go to completion
    • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Analytical Measurements
    • Chapter 2 - Sample Preparation, Extractions, and Chromatography
    • Chapter 3 - Classical Methods
    • Chapter 4 - Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Part II: Reactions that do not go to completion. Equilibria in aqueous solutions
    • Chapter 5 - Acid-Base Equilibria and Activity
    • Chapter 6 - Buffer Solutions and Polyprotic Acids
    • Chapter 7 - Complex and Precipitation Equilibria
  • Part III: Instrumental methods and analytical separations
    • Chapter 8 - Electroanalytical Chemistry
    • Chapter 9 - Atomic Spectrometry
    • Chapter 10 - Analytical Separations

What's New

Summer 2015

  • You-try-it spreadsheets being updated on textbook support page.