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This textbook is designed for a one-semester, sophomore-level college course. It covers the following topics:

The overall organization of the text is as follows:

Part I: Reactions that go to completion.

Part II: Reactions that do not go to completion: Equilibria in aqueous solutions.

Part III: Introduction to instrumentation.


Having taught analytical topics at the freshman through graduate levels, I've tried to construct a sophomore-level text that is focused on core concepts and can be completed in one semester. My broad goals are twofold:

Concepts that I consider foundational include proper data handling, wet-chemical methods for sample preparation and analysis, an understanding of sample chemistry before and during analysis, i.e., simultaneous chemical equilibria, and basic principles of instrumental methods. Many of these topics follow directly from general chemistry, but build in complexity. In Bloom's taxonomy the course pushes students away from the recall of facts to application and synthesis. A key outcome on completing this course is that a student will be able to follow analytical protocols and know why the various steps are necessary to achieve accurate results.

Even after completing general chemistry, many students still rely on memorizing algorithmic formulas to solve problems. The textbook chapters include numerous sample calculations to serve as models and end-of-chapter exercises for student practice. Appropriate places in each chapter refer students to you-try-it spreadsheets. These provide realistic calculations and are integrated within the chapter topics. Step-by-step guides provide guidance to complete these spreadsheet exercises.

The format of the text is designed to:

Additional Information

Basics of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Equilibria

by Brian M. Tissue.

Published 2013 by John Wiley and Sons, ISBN: 978-0-470-59208-3

7"x10" paperback, 426 pgs, $70.

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Please contact me with questions or comments about the text or ancillary files. I welcome the feedback and I especially welcome being notified of typographical errors.

Brian M. Tissue
Department of Chemistry (0212)
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061
email: tissue@vt.edu / phone: 540-231-3786


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