General Use Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets provide calculations and simulations on various topics in chemistry. I have grouped them under different headings, although there is obvious overlap. These spreadsheets are freely available to anyone who desires to use them for non-commercial purposes. Please do not modify or redistribute any of these files without my permission. Thank you, Brian Tissue.

Analytical Chemistry

TopicExcel 2007Excel 20xx
formula weight formula-wt-calculator.xlsx  
liquid-liquid extraction alpha fraction extraction.xlsx  
ionic strength/activity coefficient activity-coefficients.xlsx  
pH calculation (weak acid/weak base) pH-calculation.xlsx  
polyprotic acid alpha plots alpha-plot-polyprotic-acid.xlsx  
metal-ligand complex alpha plots alpha-plot-ML-complexes.xlsx  
intrinsic solubility solubility.xlsx  

Data Analysis

coming soon

Physical Chemistry

coming soon


I have tried to add sufficient comments to my ExcelTM simulations so they are useful to other people. These general spreadsheets were updated during summer 2009 with additional documentation. Old versions in Excel 2003 are archived at

Statistical Reference Data Sets:


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