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CHP User Notes


The documents on this site are designed to be a reference source and to provide a starting point to learn about a topic. Hyperlinks are included to help you see the connections between different topics and to the underlying principles.

Hypermedia is quite different from learning from a textbook. Clicking every hyperlink is not an efficient method of learning. After getting an introduction to the topic that you are studying, find a more in-depth source of information to study.

Technical Notes

  1. The HYPERMEDIA INDICES are different cross-listings of the same documents.
  2. The SELF-PACED TUTORIALS offer the same material in an ordered format that follows typical course structures. These tutorials have additional user notes.
  3. There is significant variability in current and previous versions of browsers. Most documents should display properly but some might not. If a document does not display properly, check that your browser preferences enable JavaScript or in-line frames.
  4. For easy navigation, most documents will display in a frame on a page. Use the Help feature of your browser to determine how to print a document in a frame. Most browsers allow you to mouse click inside the frame to print the frame contents. You can also open a frame in a new window by placing the mouse cursor in the frame and right clicking (Windows) or clicking and holding (Mac) to bring up a menu of options.
  5. The first time you click an image map in an instrument tours it might pop up a "Close Window?" message. Click OK.
  6. You can adjust frame sizes by positioning the mouse cursor over the frame divider. The mouse pointer will change to a double line symbol.
  7. Wouldn't the CHP documents be more complete with references and links to other resources? They sure would, unfortunately maintaining such a project would be a full-time job! For finding more advanced resources I recommend

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