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The following links go to the pages developed for several past workshops. Below is a condensed version of the workshop material (updated Aug. 2000).

Creating Web Pages

A useful technique to learn about HTML is to look at the source code of a page. In the browser's View menu select Source (IE) or Page Source (Netscape). Internet Explorer will open the source in Notepad (or another editor) and you can edit the file and save it to your local disk. If you have the full suite of Netscape tools, you can edit a file by right clicking on the link and choosing Open Link in Composer.

Basic Examples

Examples with Images and Links

Examples with Style Sheets

Frames and Interactive Web Pages

HTML Information and Tools

NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML -
An introduction to HTML.
HTML Help by The Web Design Group -
Design guide, FAQ, a good tutorial on Cascading Style Sheets, and a RGB color code page.
W3C's HTML Home Page -
The latest HTML specifications from the World Wide Web Consortium.
Web Style Sheets -
The World Wide Web Consortium's style sheet specifications and links to more information.
BUILDER.COM - Web authoring - Web development for 4.0 browsers - get started with cascading style sheets -
A good tutorial on Cascading Style Sheets with a reference guide and Style-o-Matic.
HotWired: Webmonkey -
References and examples on HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and programming.
How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site -
Includes extensive examples and links to resources.
Useful Tools
W3C HTML Validation Service -
Check the HTML code of a document by entering its URL on this page. Valid HTML 4.0!
XReplace -
Great utility for global search and replace operations.
FTP (file-transfer protocol) program to get your HTML files to a web server (Download FTPPro).
LView -
Graphics manipulation utility.

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