Using the World Wide Web in Chemistry Courses

BCCE Workshop WB, Aug. 7-9, 1998

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Abstract: In this course participants will learn how to find, create, and use Web resources for their courses. We will begin by demonstrating and discussing what is available on the Internet. Participants will create basic HTML pages and FTP them to a server, and then progress to incorporating images, image maps, forms, JavaScripts, or other interactive elements into their pages. Discussions will focus on which Internet-based methods are best for different educational tasks. Participants should bring ideas and materials from which to develop Web pages. The computer lab will contain PC computers.

Presider: Brian M. Tissue, Department of Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg VA 24061-0212,

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Workshop Schedule

Tentative schedule for the workshops:

                    Friday, August 7
  9:00 - 9:30 AM                        Introduction - DC-1302
  9:30 - noon                           Workshop - PHYS-342
  noon - 2:00 PM                        Lunch and relaxation
  2:00 - 5:00 PM                        Workshop - PHYS-342
  5:00 - 7:00 PM                        Dinner and relaxation
  7:00 - 8:00 PM                        General Lecture (Molinaro) - DC1302
  8:00 - 10:00 PM                       Workshop - PHYS-342

                   Saturday, August 8
  8:30 - 9:30 AM                        General Lecture (Tissue) - DC1302
  9:30 - noon                           Workshop - PHYS-342
  noon - 2:00 PM                        Lunch and relaxation
  2:00 - 5:00 PM                        Workshop - PHYS-342
  5:00 - 7:00 PM                        Dinner and relaxation
  7:00 - 8:00 PM                        General Lecture (Abrams) - DC1302
  8:00 - 10:00 PM                       Workshop - PHYS-342

                    Sunday, August 9 
  8:30 - 9:30 AM                        General Lecture (Lahti) - DC1302
  9:30 - noon                           Workshop - PHYS-342
  noon - 2:00 PM                        Lunch and relaxation
  2:00 - 4:00 PM                        Workshop - PHYS-342
  4:00 - 5:00 PM                        General Meeting and Evaluation
Workshop Schedule Course Outline Resources

WWW Workshop Outline


Discussion of how participants are currently using the Web.

Finding Web Resources

See the Resources below for examples.

Creating Web Pages

For references see the Resources below or the HTML 4.0 specs at

Using File-Transfer Protocol (FTP)

HTML Basics -
A brief tutorial on How to FTP.
Free Ipswitch Evaluation Downloads -
FTP (file transfer protocol) utility. Win (freeware and shareware)
Fetch -
FTP (file transfer protocol) utility. Mac (freeware for educators)

Frames and Interactive Web Pages

Discussion of Advanced Web Methods

Workshop Schedule Course Outline Resources

Resources and Examples

Useful Search Tools

AltaVista: Main Page -
A brute force search of the Internet.
HotBot -
Another brute force search of the Internet.

Annotated Indices

Chemical Education Resource Shelf -
A complete listing of chemistry textbooks and chemical education journals by Hal Harris, Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis.
ChemDex -
A well-organized index of chemistry on the Internet by Mark Winter, University of Sheffield.
UniGuide Academic Guide to the Internet -
A comprehensive Internet guide for the higher education community. Each selected site has been reviewed for appropriateness by a staff of librarians and content experts.
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources -
A comprehensive Internet guide for science by Alan Cairns, Univ. of Washington.
The Scout Toolkit Homepage -
Searching information, also has web tools.

Some Useful Chemistry Resources

ACS DivCHED Home Page -
Information about the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Education, including upcoming chem-ed conferences.
CONFCHEM: On-Line Conferences on Chemistry Education and Research -
Home page of ongoing on-line chemistry conferences.
Overview of chemical mailing lists -
E-mail discussion lists that deal with chemistry. Maintained by
Chemistry journals -
A comprehensive list of chemistry journals, and parts of journals, that are available on-line.
Welcome to the NIST WebBook -
Thermodynamic data and infrared and mass spectra. Searchable by chemical name and formula.
ChemFinder Searching -
Search page to find information about chemicals.
ACD: Free Stuff -
ChemSketch 3.5 Freeware (Win), all-purpose chemical drawing and graphics software.
Science and Engineering Indicators: 1998 -
A good example of the use of different formats and HTML layouts.

HTML Information and Tools

W3C's HTML Home Page -
The latest HTML specifications from the World Wide Web Consortium.
Web Style Sheets -
The World Wide Web Consortium's style sheet specifications and links to more information.
BUILDER.COM - Web authoring - Web development for 4.0 browsers - get started with cascading style sheets -
A good tutorial on Cascading Style Sheets with a reference guide and Style-o-Matic.
HTML Help by The Web Design Group -
Design guide, FAQ, a good tutorial on Cascading Style Sheets, and a RGB color code page.
HotWired: Webmonkey -
References and examples on HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and programming.
W3C HTML Validation Service -
Check the HTML code of a document by entering its URL on this page. Valid HTML 4.0!
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web -
Yahoo! listing of WWW resources and software.
How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site -
Includes extensive examples and links to resources.

Graphics Design and Image Editing

LView Pro Web Page -
Shareware image editing and conversion program (Win).
Home of Jasc Software, Inc. -
Paint Shop Pro, image creation and editing program (Win).
NetStudio -
A web graphics creation tool for non-artists. ($149 Win).
Macromedia -
Macromedia has a graphical design program called Fireworks, which is specifically for Web graphics (~$300 for Mac and Win).
GIF Wizard Home Page -
Optimizes GIF and JPG images on a web page and also checks for broken links. Win (shareware)
Download GraphicConverter -
Converts between different graphics formats. Mac (shareware)
ZDNet Macintosh Software Library - HTTP://
Program downloads for graphics, Internet, etc. Some graphics programs to search for are: JPEGView, WebMap, HyperMapEditor, GIFBuilder. - Downloads -
Free graphics for arrows, bullets, buttons, backgrounds, etc.
Microsoft Liquid Motion -
Animation creation program. PC ($149)
Web Design Group - Image Use on the Web
Info on animated images:
MoluCAD: Molecular Modeling Tool -
See the reaction animation example. PC and Mac ($40)

Image Maps

Mapedit -
Shareware image map editing software for Mac and Win.
ZDNet Software Library - Map This! -
Freeware image map editing software for Win95.

Programming Development Tools

JavaScript Guide -
The latest JavaScript specifications from Netscape.
Welcome to -
Extensive examples of programMing examples and resources. (Look under DIRECTORIES and REFERENCE on the side menu.)
PERL.COM - Introducing Real World Perl -
A starting point to get PERL software and information.

Advanced Tools

Apple - Products - QuickTime -
QuickTime is the Apple technology for video, sound, music, 3D and virtual reality for Macintosh and Windows.
Macromedia -
Macromedia has several advanced animation and presentation programs for the Web.
Download RealPlayer or RealPlayer Plus -
Streaming audio and video. Try it out on: NetRadio Network - The Sound Of The Internet - 150+ music and information channels:

Web Utilities

ZDNet's InternetUser -
Lots of articles and tutorials on web surfing, HTML, and programming tools.
PC Magazine: PC Tech (Internet Utilities) -
Reviews and downloads of Internet utilities.
Prompt Software -
WebSleuth gathers, organizes, analyzes, and presents online information (~$50 for Win).
askSam's SurfSaver Software: The Filing Cabinet for downloaded Webpages -
SurfSaver: The Searchable Filing Cabinet for Web Pages.
Blue Squirrel's WebWhacker! -
A utility to download whole websites in background for later viewing off-line (~$50 for Mac or Win).
Catch The Web Captures Web Pages for Browser Presentation of Copied Pages -
Windows program for collecting and sharing what you find on the Web (~$40 for Win).
Software for gathering and sharing web information (~$50 for Win).
Canon Computer Systems Inc. -
WebRecord - A utility to organize, save, and print web pages (~$30 for Win).

Miscellaneous Utilities

WinZip Home Page -
File compression and decompression. Win (shareware)
Downloads -
BBEdit (shareware) and BBEdit Lite (freeware). Mac
XReplace 32 for Windows NT & Windows 95 -
A handy utility to do global replacements. Win (shareware)

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