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Examples of Inline Images

<IMG SRC="aa.jpg" WIDTH="433" HEIGHT="320" ALIGN="right" HSPACE="7" ALT="picture of AA">

picture of AA This inline image uses the above HTML code. It is good practice to include the WIDTH, HEIGHT, and ALT attributes in the IMG tag. the ALIGN attribute places the image at the right margin, and the HSPACE provides a horizontal spacing of 7 pixels.

The following line break tag follows this line to force the next bit of text to go to the right margin:
<BR CLEAR="right">.

Note that this page also has a background image. Backgrounds are specified in the BODY attributes of style sheets (see source code), or by using <BODY BACKGROUND="filename.gif">.

Some browsers will interpret a BORDER attribute in the IMG tag: Mica the cat thumbnail.

You can also use a style sheet or a table (examples shown below) to create a border around an image:
Mica the cat thumbnail.
Mica the cat thumbnail.
Mica the cat thumbnail.

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