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Analytical Chemistry Cross-Index

This index provides an introduction to some of the fundamental concepts and methods of analytical chemistry. The topics are arranged in the order in which they are commonly presented in an undergraduate analytical chemistry course.

Introduction- A brief introduction to analytical chemistry and analytical methods.
Equilibrium- Review of chemical equilibrium and equilibrium constants. Also see the Equilibrium Practice Problems.
Gravimetry- Introduction to gravimetric analysis and solubility products with links to precipitation reactions.
Titration- Introduction to titrations with links to acid-base chemistry.
Electrochemistry- Introduction to electrochemistry with links to oxidation-reduction reactions.
Spectroscopy- Introduction to spectroscopy with descriptions of absorption, emission, scattering, and links to the Beer-Lambert Law and advanced examples.
Separations- Introduction to separation science with basic descriptions of partitioning, extractions, chromatography, and electrophoresis.
Activity- Activity, activity coefficients, ionic strength, and the Debye-Hückel equation.
Alpha fractions- Definitions, equations, and examples of alpha fractions and plots.
Data handling- Definitions of accuracy and precision, and the basics of significant figures and statistics.
Standards- Definitions of primary and secondary standards, and working curves.

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