Equilibrium Practice Problems
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Introduction and General Solution
Gas-Phase Equilibria
Weak Acids and Bases
Advanced Acid/Base

I. Background Review

Review the following background material before beginning the equilibria problems. You might also want to try the pretest on basic math and chemical concepts.

I-1. Pretest
I-2. Problem Solving
I-3. Math Review
I-4. Chemistry Units
I-5. Reactions
I-6. Stoichiometry (balancing reactions)
I-7. Spectator Ions

II. General Solution to Equilibria Problems

II-1. Introduction
II-2. Equilibrium Constant
II-3. Le Chatelier's Principle
II-4. Reaction Quotient
II-5. General Solution

III. Gas-Phase Equilibria

III-1. Introduction
III-2. Sample Gas-Phase Problem
III-3. List of Gas-Phase Problems
III-4. Simple Gas-Phase Problems
III-5. Advanced Gas-Phase Problems

IV. Weak Acids and Weak Bases

IV-1. Introduction
IV-2. Sample Problems
IV-3. List of Weak Acid and Weak Base Problems
IV-4. Weak Acid Problems
IV-5. Weak Base Problems

V. Advanced Weak Acid and Weak Base Problems

V-1. Introduction to Acidic and Basic Salts
V-2. Acidic and Basic Salt Sample Problem
V-3. List of Acidic and Basic Salt Problems
V-4. Acidic and Basic Salt Problems

VI. Buffers

VI-1. Buffers Introduction and Sample Problem
VI-2. Polyprotic Acids Introduction and Sample Problem
VI-3. List of Buffer and Polyprotic Acid Problems
VI-4. Buffer Problems
VI-5. Polyprotic Acid Problems

VII. Precipitation Equilibria

VII-1. Introduction
VII-2. Sample Precipitation Problem
VII-3. List of Precipitation Problems
VII-4. Simple Precipitation Problems
VII-5. Advanced Precipitation Problems

Equilibrium Practice Problems
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