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Physical Constants

ao   Bohr radius                  0.5291771x10-10 m
c    speed of light (vacuum)      2.997925x108 m/s
e    electron charge              1.602189x10-19 C
E    permittivity of vacuum       8.854188x10-12 C2/J m
F    Faraday constant             96485.34 C/mol
h    Planck's constant            6.626176x10-34 J s
u    permeability of vacuum       1.256637x10-6 H/m
me   electron rest mass           9.109534x10-31 kg
mp   proton rest mass             1.672648x10-27 kg
NA   Avogadro's number            6.022045x1023 /mol
R    molar gas constant           8.31447 J/mol·K

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