Ethics in Science

Henry H. Bauer

Table 2
1968James D. Watson, The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA
1981Tracy Kidder, The Soul of a New Machine
Nicholas Wade, The Nobel Duel: Two Scientists' 21-Year Race to Win the World's Most Coveted Research Prize
1985David H. Clark, The Quest for SS433
1986Robert Kanigel, Apprentice to Genius: The Making of a Scientific Dynasty
David M. Raup, The Nemesis Affair: A Story of the Death of Dinosaurs and the Ways of Science
David Taubes, Nobel Dreams: Power, Deceit, and the Ultimate Experiment
1987Stephen S. Hall, Invisible Frontiers: The Race to Synthesize a Human Gene
Roger Lewin, Bones of Contention: Controversies in the Search for Human Origins
Ed Ergis, Who Got Einstein's Office: Eccentricity and Genius at the the Institute for Advanced Study
1988Natalie Angier, Natural Obsessions: The Search for the Oncogene
Sheldon Glashow (with Ben Bova), Interactions: A Journey Through the Mind of a Particle Physicist and the Matter of This World
Jeff Goldberg, Anatomy of a Scientific Discovery
Robert M. Hazen, The Breakthrough: The Race for the Superconductor
Charles E. Levinthal, Messengers of Paradise: Opiates and the Brian
Bruce Schechter, The Path of No Resistance: The Story of the Revolution in Superconductivity
1989Solomon H. Snyder, Brainstorming: The Science and Politics of Opiate Research
Robert Teitelman, Gene Dreams: Wall Street, Academia, and the Rise of Biotechnology

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