Ethics in Science

Henry H. Bauer

An essay on the scientific method (or lack thereof) and the consequences of misconduct in science. Adapted from lectures given by Professor Henry Bauer in the Chemistry Department at Virginia Tech, March 1994. For more information see his book: Henry H. Bauer, Scientific Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific Method (University of Illinois Press: Urbana, IL, 1992).

Table of Contents

Science and society and a few examples.
The Knowledge Filter
How knowledge accumulates.
Puzzle and Filter Model
How science really works.
Consequences of Misconduct in Science
The dependence of progress in science on honesty and ethics.
The future of science depends on us.
List of references cited in the text.
Figure 1
Schematic of the knowledge filter.
Figure 2
Schematic of the knowledge filter.
Table 1
Scientific method versus the puzzle-filter model.
Table 2
A list of books on the inside stories of scientific discoveries.

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