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General Chemistry Cross-Index

This page provides a cross index of CHP documents that are typically presented in an undergraduate general chemistry course.

Introduction- A brief introduction to general chemistry.
Problem Solving- Strategies and tips for solving problems.
Math Basics- Review of basic math concepts.
Units- Common units, prefixes, and introduction to the mole.
Quantum Mechanics- Introduction to the quantum nature of matter.
Nomenclature- Rules for naming inorganic compounds.
Reactions- Introduction to classification of different types of chemical reactions.
Reaction Kinetics- Introduction to the rate of chemical reactions.
Thermodynamics- Introduction to energy changes during a chemical reaction.
Stoichiometry- Introduction to balancing reactions.
Acids and Bases- Bronsted-Lowry definition of acids and bases, Kw, and pH.
Chemical equilibrium- Review of chemical equilibrium and equilibrium constants. For more details on gas-phase, acid-base, and precipitation equilibria see the Equilibrium Practice Problems.
Redox- Introduction to reduction and oxidation reactions.
More Thermo- A redox example of a spontaneous reaction.
Standard Reduction Potentials- Predicting redox reactions using Standard Reduction Potentials.
Balancing Redox- Balancing redox reactions.
Electrochemical Cells- Capturing the energy of a redox reaction.
Precipitation- Solubility of insoluble salts.
Complexation- Formation of complexes between metal ions and ligands.

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