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Research Overview

Our group investigates the unique properties of nanoscale materials prepared by inert-gas condensation.

Past work has focused on the impact of particle size on luminescence. New work is investigating nanocomposite materials for energy conversion and catalysis.

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laser vaporized Ag nanoparticles

Plume of Ag nanoparticles

Curricular Overview

Prof. Tissue has developed a number of curricular projects including an Analytical Chemistry text, hypermedia tutorials, and resources on Ethics and Misconduct in Science.

Visit the Analytical Text and Hypermedia web pages for more information.

Brian Tissue 2008

Brian M. Tissue

  • Analytical & Materials Chemistry
  • Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • email:
  • phone: 540-231-3786
  • office: Hahn Hall North 306C

What's New

Spring 2009

Sarah and Kayla earn Academic Excellence awards!